Trending Open Ductwork: Remodeling or New Construction

Exposed ductwork is on the rise as a design element — and as an energy-efficient solution. Those considering vaulted ceilings or increasing head room in their home will need to consider what’s hidden above. Savvy designers know how to make a simple, utilitarian feature pack a major design punch.

Sunstate Mechanical Contractors, Inc. can work seamlessly with your designer and approach older homes with renewed visions to improve energy efficiency as well as aesthetically pleasing designs.

Playing with size, shape, color and angles allows exposed systems to work in almost any space.

Especially in Tampa, where temperatures exceed 100 degrees, installing ductwork on roofs and piping cool air through the oven-like temperatures doesn’t make sense in terms of energy efficiency.

“You put the ducts in the envelope of the house, and it helps it keep cool,” Designer Cavin Costello says. “It’s more efficient. You don’t even have to add insulation on top of them. It cuts down on cost that way, too.”

open ductwork

To lower costs in another project, Costello went with an off-the-shelf-type duct. To make it unique, he split the system into two smaller ducts rather than having one large one.

More ideas more about remodeling or new construction with open ductwork, can be found in this story: HVAC Exposed! Ideas for Daring Ductwork.

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