Tips For Hiring HVAC Experts For Your Home

HVAC experts

Know what to look for in an HVAC contractor

The best HVAC experts are experienced technicians who are courteous, prompt and treat you professionally.

When it comes to scheduling any sort of service work for your residence or your business, it makes sense that you want to know that the person coming to do the job is highly experienced and trained in the work you need done. When it comes to installation, or any service on an HVAC system, there is no exception to this fact.

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Ventilation For Acceptable Indoor Air Quality

Ventilation For Acceptable Indoor Air Quality

With greener homes in today’s world comes a greater demand for energy-efficient products, increased insulation, and properly sealed building structures. Unfortunately, the benefits of greater efficiency come with unintended consequences… tighter houses that can lead to stale, unhealthy indoor air.

Residential Energy Recovery Ventilators
For Improved Air Quality & Better Health

A really airtight home creates a lack of air flow that involves all of those things that come into your house and from your house… like vapers or gases from cleaning agents, dust, pet dander, etc. Without a proper ventilation system to dilute it, it all gets trapped inside your home. Proper ventilation is the fix for refreshing breaths of fresh air.

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About Sunstate Mechanical Contractors, Inc.: Your Comfort Is Our Concern

Sunstate Trane Dealer

Sunstate Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is family owned and operated in Tampa, Florida since 1996. We are a full service air conditioning and heating company ready to handle all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning demands.

Top Tampa HVAC Professionals  

Knowledgeable, highly-skilled technicians

With over 40 combined years experience in the air conditioning and heating service industry, we are professional, courteous and perform our work in a timely manner.  In addition, all of our technicians are background checked for drugs and criminal activity.

We are an authorized Trane dealer but we service and repair any brand of equipment.  All of our HVAC contractors have the training and experience how to diagnose, adjust or repair your system so that you are comfortable all year long.

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HVAC UV Lights Control Mold & Bacteria

UV lights

Receive a FREE UV light with any new AC installation

There are two types of UV lights for HVAC systems. The first one, coil sterilization, uses a stick-type light installed inside the return air duct that sterilizes the air handler coil, is the most common type of HVAC UV light. The other UV light that sterilizes moving air, air sterilization, is installed in the return air duct and cycles on with the air handler blower. Both types of UV lights offer many benefits to your air quality, and therefore your health.

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Commercial HVAC Repair & Service

commercial air

Serving the Tampa area for more than 20 years!

Sunstate Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is family owned and operated in Tampa, Florida since 1996, providing heating and cooling services to homes and businesses. We are well equipped to handle all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning demands.

Our HVAC contractors can repair your system or replace it with a high efficiency system that will meet your comfort needs. In order to keep your HVAC system working at its maximum efficiency, we offer Energy Savings Maintenance Programs that provide you special incentives for being an energy savings customer.

If you need a repair to your HVAC system, Sunstate Mechanical Contractors, Inc. has knowledgeable, skilled technicians ready to quickly diagnose and fix the problem. Central HVAC systems can be either packaged or split systems and we have years of experience in repairing and replacing both types.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Repair & Service

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair & Service

Tampa, Florida summers are hot! They are even more unbearable when your commercial building’s air conditioning isn’t working properly. The heat not only takes a toll on you, it literally inhibits your business from any type of quality output. Office employees, warehouse workers, and anyone working in a commercial building do not want to continue working when they are uncomfortably hot. A properly running air conditioning system is critical to the health and well-being of your employees.

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Commercial Heating Repair & Service

commercial heating

Climate control is a critical component of any business, whether it’s a small business or a high-rise office complex. Conserving heat and ensuring your office or commercial space is warm during winter months is essential to keeping your business running smoothly.

Our Tampa customers know that comfort systems are a fundamental part of maintaining a business. When your commercial heating system is not properly engineered, it will not meet the demands of your business environment.

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It’s Hard To Stop A Trane

It’s Hard To Stop A Trane

Apply for Trane HVAC rebates today!

Assess your personal comfort needs and determine what’s right for your local climate.  You may want to consider humidity levels, air cleanliness, and noise tolerance.  There are plenty of ways to make a Trane HVAC system affordable for you.

Flexible financing options means you can have an energy efficient Trane heating and air conditioning system with the comfort you deserve. Enjoy competitive interest rates, convenient monthly payments and no prepayment penalty.

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